How To Recognize A Bad Online Casino

There are a lot of online casinos available nowadays. And it is not surprising that amidst the many online casinos, some casinos are not safe to gamblers. Some are set with intentions of stealing personal details such as cards. However, with this guide, you will be able to spot unsafe casinos and be able to play online with confidence.

Common features of safe online casinos

hyuf6utcgjThese are the common features of safe online casinos. They include:

  • – Fair casino games
  • – They provide a secure and safe playing environment.
  • – They allow players to withdraw and deposit their money safely at any time.

All legitimate online casinos will ask players to prove their age or ID during the sign-up process. This can be done through uploading a scanned copy or faxing a copy of your identification document in addition to proof of address during the sign-up process.

Ways to know whether an online casino is safe or not

There are quite a number of ways that you utilized to differentiate good casinos from the bad ones. They include:

  • Online casino reviews

It is advisable to look for reliable casino review sites where you can get independent reviews about different online casinos. Bear in mind that some companies pay writers to write bad reviews for their competitors. Reviews and ratings on different online casinos can also serve as a selection criterion.

  • Check on the software

ify6ruf57o86yitu5The kind of the software used by the online casino can give you an idea of the reliability of an online casino. Most big casinos in the industry use dependable gaming software such as Realtime Gaming software, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment. It is rare to find unsafe casinos using these software platforms, and this should give you an idea of the kind of online casino you are dealing with.  Playtech is another leading software used by some online casinos, but owing to its less strict rules on licensing makes it a good catch for some bad online casinos.

  • Look at the company behind the casino

It is advisable that before you sign up with any online casino, you first check the company or people behind the casino. Perform your own background check on the owners of the casino. Look at media reports for any expose and access the reputation of the casino. A well-known brand with a good reputation of the online casinos should also be part of your selection process.


Online Casino Bonus Types Offered By Most Casinos

Most of the online casinos that offer various games offer cash bonuses to retain and attain customers. They are effective and lucrative for both veteran and new players. There are different types of online casino bonuses available to players. They include:

1. Deposit casino bonuses

These are bonuses that are given to customers after depositing money with the casino. Deposit bonuses can be classified into two types.

g5h6t6u5768756453Reload bonus: these are bonuses that apply to a deposit made after the first deposit. Most online casinos give players reload bonus ranging from 10% to 100% possibly even more.

Matching bonus: The matching bonus is generated by adding a percentage bonus to the amount the player deposits. For instance, a 100 percent match bonus would double the deposited amount. If you deposit $200 on a 100 percent matching bonus, you would have $400 in your account. It is an amazing method that casinos employ to encourage its customers to make more deposits.

2. Ongoing bonuses

Cash back bonus: these bonuses give the player a percentage of the lost money. For instance, an online casino can give you cash back bonus of 2%. This simply means that for every $1,000 lost, the casino will give you $20. They are normally reserved for high-spending players who have a substantial amount of money in their accounts.

Other ongoing casino bonuses include the loyalty bonus and the random bonus. The loyalty bonus is one that encourages players to extend periods of time to unlock cash bonuses. And the random bonus is a bonus that you cannot control whether you will receive them. They are awarded randomly hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to anyone playing a game.

3. General casino bonuses

454657ysdvfbtutrteThese are bonuses that players receive without necessarily making a deposit. They usually have attached terms and conditions which players need to understand before signing up with any online casino platform. They include:

Sign up bonus: They are available to new customers. They are usually smaller with the prize ranging from $5 to $50 depending on the kind of promotion and conditions. They are a great bonus for new players before making any deposit.

Referral bonus: Online casino platform offers two types of referral bonuses. Majority of the casinos offer a cash bonus for signing a new player, whereas other casinos require that the new player makes a qualifying deposit before a referrer can earn a cash bonus. This is an effective method to which existing casino players can refer news players and earn bonuses.